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Train passengers' safety

— recognition of situations in need of outside help

A major challenge nowadays is the recognition and prevention of terrorism as well as the management of critical situations (accidents, fires, providing help for passengers). Over 55 billion passengers in the world travel by rail annually. However, most acts of terror or dangerous situations take place on local trains, particularly on the subway.

Trains in Europe are equipped with CCTV installations, which serve mainly to fight against vandalism. However, they could be used much more effectively if the equipment consisted of a high-quality fiber.CAM camera, a difficult to interfere with fiber-optic connection and an efficient, economical fiber.REC recorder, which substitutes a computer and analyzes the data.

Intelligent image analysis inside the passengers carriages can be used to automatically notify the conductors about threatening events. The device works by sending smoke alerts, detecting abnormally behaving people or places where there are too many passengers.

Our fiber.REC recorder can also support emergency services in crisis management – both by communicating with the conductors and the train driver as well as the safety center, which can have an insight into the situation in the carriages using a remote connection with the train. Each of them can manage emergency announcements more effectively with the support of special software which analyzes the image and suggests solutions.

An important aspect of our solutions is their energy economy. The sets consume less energy so you can install more cameras, also outside the trains. It allows you to prevent the acts of vandalism, for example graffiti on the trains or theft of fuel through a long period of work on batteries from 24 hours.

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