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  • GPS
  • LTE
  • Analysis
  • 1Gb/s
  • Fiber connect
  • 32 canals
  • RAID 0
  • PL-EN 50155:2007

Our recorder is a hybrid IP video recorder designed for transport and industrial use. FiberREC is fully implemented with algorithms analyzing complex images from compatible cameras. The railway software option enables analysis of the data gathered at the junction of electrical traction and power collector. Detection of electric arcs and their intensity, as well as overhead wire height and stagger control is now possible. Moreover, it can easily identify the current number of passengers travelling in the carriage. FiberREC can simultaneously compare data from 32 cameras in 720P 25kl/s resolution. It can also function as a passenger information system. Last, but not least, collected data can be transmitted to a remote server and corresponding applications.


  • adjust Simultaneous interpretation of the data from 32 high quality cameras
  • adjust 6 optical ports 1Gps
  • adjust Available modes: GPS/BDS/GLONASS; 2 channels: LTE, CAN, RS-232, RS485
  • adjust Electronic steering panel, quick backup option, system problem diagnosis
  • adjust Labeling of every frame with coordinates and vehicle speed
  • adjust RAID 0
  • adjust 2xVGA, USB 3.0, HDMI ports
  • adjust 5 year guarantee, Polish quality product
  • adjust Compatible application designed for remote steering, positioning and downloading video data
  • adjust Ability to analyze data regarding railway-related occurrences
  • adjust Passive cooling facility
  • adjust Complies with the PN-EN 50155:2007 standard and PKBWK recommendations