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About us

Jakub Koperski

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the pleasure of presenting to you Neo.Net. It is a business which has been successfully operating in the IT industry since 2002. It consists of an excellent team of people with great efficiency and potentials. We are bravely changing the approach to video surveillance systems by implementing ideas that push the boundaries of safety standards and creating unheard of possibilities.

Our main goal is to meet the customers’ expectations and create custom-made solutions designed as requested by individual clients, without unnecessary restrictions imposed by traditional CCTV installations. Many years of experience in the optimization of comprehensive systems combined with the use of modern fiber optic technology has contributed to the creation of our flagship products FiberCAMERA.

Neo.Net’s devises and projects are being implemented in extensive security systems and intelligent supervision systems. Moreover, they support advanced infrastructure of production and control in a broad range of industries, transport and logistics.

The value and market position of our company – FiberCAMERA is best shown by the cooperation with leading, verified partners worldwide, including Siemens Mobility, DHL Express, AKVA Group, Whirlpool, National Railway Lines (PKP), ORLEN KolTrans belonging to ORLEN Polish Oil Company.

Thank you for taking an interest in out company. I am extending an invitation to contact me so that we can look into the future together.

Jakub Koperski


Our family business

Natalia Koperska

Natalia Koperska

administration, EU project coordinator

Paperwork applied - this is her current field. Organizes documents and takes care of deadlines. Disciplined, tactful and open to people. PhD in Animal science, which is also her passion.

Marcin Maksymiec

Marcin Maksymiec

IT specialist

The boss's "right hand". Indispensable for training new staff. Helpful and obliging. He can handle any difficulty in the technical and IT sphere. Mr. Maksymiec appreciates spending time with his family.

Piotr Maksymiec

Piotr Maksymiec

IT technician

Handyman. Precise and orderly. Designs, assembles and installs. Values action over talking and sees speech as a waste of time. He practices beekeeping after work.

Grzegorz Krawczyk

Grzegorz Krawczyk

electronics fitter

Helpful and supportive. Charming and kind towards everyone. Described as a great friend and companion. Mr Krawczyk spends his leisure time on fishing and tinkering.

Michał Zarzeczny

Michał Zarzeczny

fitter; serviceman

Being organized and disciplined, Mr Zarzeczny simultaneously studies and works. Always ambitious and open to other people.

Anna Maksymiec


Runs the office and offers help in all formal issues. Keeps order and supervises deadlines. Kind and cheerful in nature. Mrs Maksymiec is widely educated and fluent in many topics.

Łukasz Maciejczyk

electrician, driver

A man of special tasks during the assembly of equipment. Direct and communicative. He values comfort and independence. Courageous and curious about the world, still on the run. Rests while fishing and picking mushrooms.

Monika Niewiadomska

specialist of installing and logistics

Installing and logistics is what she deals with on a daily basis. Delivers, packs, takes care of things – always helpful and obliging. After work, Mrs Niewiadomska remains faithful to her dearest passions – tailoring and cooking.

Marcin Niewiadomski


Expert on special tasks. Really reliable. Creates and program. Described as diligent and friendly. Mr Niewiadomski loves tinkering.