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  • H.256
  • Full HD
  • Analysis
  • Vandal Proof
  • Night in color
  • Fiber connect
  • PL-EN 50155:2007


  • adjust Resistance to electromagnetic discharge and interference due to optical fibre technology
  • adjust Full galvanic isolation for each conduction path
  • adjust Switch-to-camera distance can be several dozen kilometres
  • adjust Scratch and dirt-resistant lens
  • adjust 5 year guarantee
  • adjust Polish product quality
  • adjust High-quality colour mode in low-light conditions, 0,002lux
  • adjust LED diode indicating work/standby modes
  • adjust Electronically adjustable microphone
  • adjust Wide range of fixed lenses or lenses with motozoom

Product specification

FiberCAM is a camera for industry, which was designed with the latest technology to record in HD quality. Thanks to optical fibre data transmission, we consider our FiberCAM a vital part of any security and surveillance system. Recorded data is loss-free and professionally secured. FiberCAM is compatible with FiberREC to perform intelligent image analysis.

Long-distance camera use

FiberCam can easily protect large areas due to optical fibre technology. We will help you to overcome any limitations and, with the excellent quality we provide, help to secure even the biggest areas. The main advantages of our system are:

  • Enabling long distances between recorder and camera
  • Resistance to electromagnetic discharge and interference due to optical fibre technology
  • The highest levels of data security
  • No need for optical fibre converters
Long-distance camera use




lossless 4K transmission over distances up to 30 miles

significant quality loss at over 0,2 miles’ distance


resistance to electromagnetic interference, lightning and difficult weather conditions

susceptibility to many types of electromagnetic and weather interference


very simple assembly - original plug & play NNP_OPT connectors

complicated assembly requiring the use of tools and crimping connectors


seamless connection of devices up to 62 miles apart

problematic network construction due to twisted pair’s limitations and maximal distance between the devices as low as 0,06 miles


full galvanic separation of data transmission path

power surges on the transmission line which may result in data loss


high network responsiveness

high latency and frequent signal losses


no possibility of data intercepting

considerable risk of data intercepting


long life and high durability of the fiber optics cable

short life and durability of twisted pair cable