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Light signals recognition

— new level of intelligent security

Train drivers already make use of many facilities which improve their work safety while driving. However, it is a human error which may be the reason of collisions or even railway accidents. It is easy to overlook or misread when you pass hundreds of light signals at a high speed on a railway route. Therefore, it is good to have strong technological support on board in the shape of a custom solution.

Video learning machine technology is such a modern solution. The whole set consists of a camera, a recorder and software. The fiber.CAM camera, placed on the front of the locomotive, provides a high quality image to the fiber.REC recorder, which recognizes the presence of a light signal in front of the locomotive, classifies its type and determines its color and sequence of blinking. What is significant, the optical fiber connecting the camera and the recorder provides loss-free and instant data transfer. The installed software works in real time to almost faultlessly interpret and transmit the signal back to the output devices – to the driver's cabin.

The train driver receives the semaphore's light signal in the form of an interpreted verbal message on a convenient LCD touch screen panel. In case the driver reacts inadequately to the message from the light signal and the GPS parameters (eg. he does not slow down the train when the semaphore signals the speed reduction), the device will activate an alarm signal which requires an immediate reaction from the driver.

Our solution also transmits the video and the GPS data to the logistics center, where at any time the operator can use the screen to see the moment the train passes any light signals, get to know the current speed of the train and react if necessary.

Light signals recognition
Light signals recognition

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