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System of connectors and housings Fiber


The team of our company will do our best to transform your vision of technological solutions into reality by reducing costs of image production and time consumption.

We know that any electronic device has to be equipped with a durable casing, approppriate handles in order to last long without any breaks or damages. What we also do, is to improve cooling and lighting system, apply highly resistant glasses, expand the existing infrastructure, etc. That is why, in our offer, except for digital recorders, you will also find a range of data loggers, power supplies, controlgears, communication modules, any necessary casings, handles, fittings and fixings.

The types of casings that we have in the offer, are weather resistant and can be easily used in any hard industrial conditions. The casings we produce can be specially designed, in terms of shapes and dimensions, or just in a typical u19 standard type. We design the devices which are air-tight, dirt-proof, resistant to sparks, temperature or UV radiation.

In the process of production we use different metal alloys and plastics. To avoid any intrusive openings, the casings can be protected by the special locking system.

The fact that we design and produce our appliances by ourselves, we save much time in the process of development and installation and thanks to it you can avoid additional costs, concerning introducing new entities to your projects.


Remarkable recorder and highly productive data logger – what do they have in common?

The key to superiority in the marketing field we achieve, is the COMMUNICATION. Such ingenious devices, like our recorders and accompanying equipment, require the best solutions in this case. We use the most effective, the fastest and the most stable lightwave connection, that has been invented so far. This is nothing else but the OPTICAL FIBER. This highly advanced lightwave technology helps us to broaden the horizons of the usage of our appliences.

In order to keep high standards and services of the company we design and apply our own optical fiber beams, connectors and plug-ins. Wherever it is neccessary to deliver maximum value of cable or antenna connections we implement our own modifications due to obtain space, compatibility and facilitate installation.